June 2017 - Task Force Activities :

          3rd, Sat., “First Saturday Dine Out,” 5:00, Ivar’s in Mukilteo

          10th, Sat., Early Mid-month Luncheon, Medallion Hotel (The Cellar), 2:00

          18th, Sunday, Picnic, noon, more info coming out later.

          20th, Tuesday, Planning Meeting, Noble Palace, 6:00

          24th, Saturday, Happy PRIDE Weekend, Broadway Street Festival in Seattle, catch the 12:00 noon bus from Ashway park and ride. Call Robert for more info. 425-239-3675

          29th, Thursday, Friendship Meal, 6:00

          Book Group date moved to July 1st.

          -Every Sunday and Monday, 1:30, the Stag Quilting Club (Bob and Brian) meets to make quilts in Marysville. Let me know if you would like to visit them, to see how they make quilts, or to become a quilter-maker too. see Quilts.

          For driving directions or addresses, just let me know. Have fun, whatever you do.
         ~~~~~John ( johndmarsh@mac.com )