OCTOBER 2019 - Task Force Activities :

          5th, Saturday, Dine Out, 5:00, Lana Thai on Evergreen Way

          6th, Sunday, Bowling, Glacier Lanes, 9:30

          12th, Saturday, SnoHomo Bingo, 6:00 doors open, 7:00 games begin, Carl Gibson Senior Center, Everett

          13th, Sunday, Bowling, Glacier Lanes, 9:30

          19th, Saturday, Mid-month Luncheon, 2:00, Aurora Borealis, 16708 Aurora Ave. N.

          20th, Sunday, Bowling, Glacier Lanes, 9:30

          22nd, Tuesday, Planning Meeting, 6:00, Tampico on Broadway

          26th, Saturday, Book Group, 11:00, Bob and Johnís Halloween bar hopping and dinner on Capitol Hill, Seattle, leaving Marysville at 5:00

          27th, Sunday, Bowling, Glacier Lanes, 9:30

          31st, Thursday, Friendship Meal, 6:00, and Happy Halloween!

          -Every Sunday and Monday, 1:30, the Stag Quilting Club (Bob and Brian) meets to make quilts in Marysville. Let me know if you would like to visit them, to see how they make quilts, or to become a quilter-maker too. see Quilts.

          For driving directions or addresses, just let me know. Have fun, whatever you do.
         ~~~~~John ( johndmarsh@mac.com )